Amazon.COM Is Getting Down To Business


Business to Business deals

Business to Business deals

The business-to-business market is a big money maker. It makes nearly $9 trillion dollars a year. Staples did it, and now Amazon is getting in on the deal. It’s being called Amazon Business. This online shopping experience caters to everything from industrial supplies to food and janitorial goodies.

There are many benefits to this enterprise, and it’s not just the two-day shipping for items over $49. Here are some of the benefits you can get with this new shopping experience.

1) You can have multiple users and methods of payments.

This means you can share certain third-party information on the site. You can also split the payments up into different methods. You might recognize the difference from the normal Amazon shopping experience. It’s just geared towards the business world.

2) There is the corporate credit line.

When businesses place their orders, they can use the revolving credit door or the pay-in-full. This way a business can use a business credit card for purchases, leaving their personal reserves left untapped.

3) You can use the tax-exempt option.

This works out well for a lot of businesses. This way the purchase can be used as a tax right-off instead. Just save the receipts for when tax season comes around.

4) Remember the chat programs which are made available to normal Amazon users?

Business owners get this same experience. The only difference is the chart format. It’s been formatted for any and all business-related questions.

5) You also have the option of next-day shipping.

This comes at a big advantage for most companies. There are lots of things which are needed the very next day. Amazon is happy to fulfill that promise to its business customers.


New Strategy

New Strategy


Some of you might find Amazon Business a bit similar to the Amazon Supply Program. That’s because it’s a replacement. Amazon Supply only could cover so much. Amazon actually lost some of it’s business customers due to the limited technology and products. Amazon Business is hoping to change this.

This new design was established to fit all types of businesses. This was another issue with Amazon Supply. It only catered to a select number of businesses. With Amazon Business, everyone can take part.


Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome

It doesn’t matter if you are just a mom-and-pop shop or a big corporation. Amazon Business has what you are looking for. Over the years there has been lots of feedback over this.

Business owners just want the same experience they get from shopping at home, but applying it to work. This way they can go online and find the products they need for business and check out in the same fashion. They also want to have the same options they getting from shopping at home.

Amazon took that feedback and created Amazon Business. What they also created was more of a convenience, not to mention more options. Amazon Supply only offers a few options. If you couldn’t find what you were looking for, you had to go somewhere else.

This was something business owners weren’t happy about. Amazon took notice and made some changes. Amazon says they will continue to expand on this idea.


New Benefits

New Benefits


There are more changes which need to be implemented here, according to Prentis Wilson. He is the vice-president of Amazon Business. He recently spoke to Forbes about this. Within this interview he shared his excitement.

This is just in the beginning stages. There is more work that needs to be done. According to Wilson, “we want to create the same experience you get from Amazon here.” There is so much more reviews to go through. Amazon Business also wants to expand its product line.


A better way of doing things

A better way of doing things

They feel the past taught them a lot. They found out what their customers wanted from a business standpoint. It’s very easy to see what you normal Amazon shoppers want. You just go by what they purchased in the past and make recommendations. Amazon wants their business section to work the same way.

Based on what the customers buy, they can make recommendations on what they might need/want. This logic was another issue in the past. When the site was only offering so much, it was hard to determine what the customers needed or wanted. It’s hard to make recommendations based on this.


Prepare for the future

Prepare for the future


Wilson is very excited about this step. He saw the success Staples is having and decided to do the same thing. Amazon is a great place to find thing, even very rare things. Over 50% of consumers shop on Amazon. Why wouldn’t business owners want a piece of this?

Making Amazon 100% accessible to business owners is a core ingredient to the continued success of Amazon. It’s also the next logical step. Wilson and his associates understand this.

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